How To Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test For THC And Marijuana


Recreational use of Marijuana and THC are still illegal in most parts of the world. You can do this freely in Canada, Uruguay, South Africa, Georgia, and a few US States – Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, Maine, Vermont, District of Columbia, and Massachusetts. See the whole map here.

However, all this doesn’t mean you’ll keep your job if you conduct a follicle test in some of these countries. Privately own companies might have their own policies and they might forbid their employees to be under THC influence. When it comes to other states, being under influence means breaking the law so your employer may not just fire you from work, but might file charges against you for doing something illegal at work.

That’s why passing the follicle drug test is really important for every recreational user of marijuana. The problem is, THC is one of the drugs that stays in our system for a very long time. The urine sample can prove you’ve been smoking one time in the past 30 days and the follicle sample can show if you did it in the last 90 days.

If you’re panicking now remembering that one time on your vacation, don’t worry, there’s a solution for everything.

The urine and blood tests are much easier to be faked. When it comes to the follicle method, it is much harder. You can’t get them a fake sample and there’s nothing you can do to stop it growing. Some people think that they can solve the problem by shaving their heads, but this is not an answer because the lab practitioner can still take it from another part of your body.

Plus, doing this will only make you suspicious and the practitioner will do a double check in case they missed something making it twice harder to pass. See here how the test is done:

You don’t need to do anything unconventional and it’s suggested you keep yourself with the same look you have every day. What you need to do is find a good detox shampoo. On the market, you’ll find plenty of these, but you have to know the difference between them in order to know which will work for you.

You need a detox shampoo with the ability to clean all the toxins from your hair including the THC by-products. Such shampoos are available mainly on the internet. The major online selling pages offer some of the best. The brands that you’re supposed to look for are Aloe Rid, Clear Choice, Zydot, Sarken, and Synergy Detox.

While Aloe Rid comes with a significantly higher price, all the others are fairly affordable. The reason for this is that the first choice is proven to work. We don’t say the others don’t but their method is much different than the one we first mentioned.

How is this? Well, the others rinse the toxins of your hair for a certain amount of time while the first choice is doing it permanently. This means that once you get over the process written on the instruction manual, you’re clean from drug leftovers in your hair. The other will simply mask the follicles for some time after which you can still be detected. Read more about this on this link:


The main difference is that cheap detox shampoos give you a window frame in which you must do the test. After that, it’s adios Pepe. So, let’s say the examination is postponed and you can’t do another shower, you’ll surely get caught. Even if you’re the last person in the line for testing you might get positive results because the effect of the shampoo has worn off.

You need the option that is thorough and long-lasting. With the first option we mentioned, you get to clean your hair from toxins forever if you use the right way to wash. What you need to do is wash your hair up to 4 times a day and do this for a 10-day period of time. After this, you can be 99,9% sure that you’re clean from all toxins.

The best part is you can smoke pot continuously if you still do the same routine. The shampoo is not damaging your hair as the others so you can use it on a daily level for as long as you like. On top of it, it will keep it strong, shiny, and you’ll look much better because of the healthy hair you own. There is no easy way to do this. Everything you encounter on the internet that says it’s a quick solution is a lie. You need to be aware of the frauds. They’ll take your money and you’ll fail the test. Losing money and your job is a disastrous com