Controlling a National Symbol: Canada Geese Control

In areas that canadian geese frequent, one is sure to find their droppings, which is the main problem people have with the common bird. Another rmajor issue is geese flocks live around airports which can cause jets to fail – this is a rare occurance, but has happened before.

So what is one to do to keep our streets clean and to prevent aircraft disasters and have canada geese control?

Rounding up an entire flock of geese is impractical. Killing an entire flock is inhumane. So what can be done?

The are humane programs that have been developed to manage and control canadian geese populations. There are three simple main methods of control:limiting flock growth, frightening geese, and making habitats unattractive to geese so they choose to live elsewhere.

One way to limit flock growth is to “addle” eggs. Addling is basically preventing eggs from hatching. This can be done by treating the eggs with corn oil, or removing them from the nest. They must be removed from the nest very early in the egg cycle for it to be considered a human solution.

Frigtening geese must also be done humanely. You cannot frigtening geese away when they are caring for their young goslings as it will leave the young birds frightened and defenseless without their parents. There are trained goose-hearding dogs that not only frighten geese away, but make them feel their area is not safe from predators.They dogs never catch or harm geese and must be with a trained handler at all times. And once again, you never attempt to frighten away geese that are nesting, molting or raising young.

The third method is to make the area unattractive for geese. One can reduce the amount of lawn, and we are not suggesting to pave everything over, but plant a grass geese find unacctrive, such as tall fescue. Also lawns can be treated with a repellent that is not harmful, but just tastes bad to the geese.This will cause them to search elsewhere for food.

Once again, there are humane and enviromentally safe ways to keep geese away, it just takes a little creativity and legwork.