Complete Guide To Medical Marijuana For Seniors

The chances are fairly good you’ve heard about the use of medical marijuana in recent years. One of the populations that you don’t commonly hear about with using medical marijuana is seniors. If medical marijuana is legal in your state, it’s likely that it’s being prescribed to seniors for a wide range of conditions.

Medical Marijuana Explained

Medical marijuana uses THC and CBD in a full spectrum of compounds that help seniors manage conditions ranging from arthritis to sleep, pain and inflammation. Many seniors have also seen improvements with conditions like epilepsy and seizures, multiple sclerosis, dementia, and muscle spasms, cancer, chrons and more.

Ways To Dose With Medical Marijuana

Seniors don’t always choose to smoke marijuana. There are plenty of options available to help seniors dose with medical marijuana. Choosing some of these options may make it more flexible for seniors.

Topical Creams: A great option for pain and managing inflammation at the source.

Edibles: Slow release to maintain a dose in an option without smoke.

Smoking: rolling with papers or using a pipe to smoke can be convenient because of the immediate results. It can be more difficult to manage a dose over time but it will be possible to discreetly dose with a pre rolled joint.

Concentrated oil: Using a CBD oil or cannabis oil can be a great way to get a dose. The oil has the components of the marijuana separated into a liquid from the leaves.

Is Marijuana Legal In Your State?

36 states have made marijuana legal so far and all 50 states have legalized the use of CBD for the senior population. Dispensaries often deliver these items to seniors offering the best convenience to those that would want to dose with marijuana.

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