How to Select the Best Shower Door

A basic shower curtain may help to keep your bathroom floor from becoming saturated with water, but it does very little to enhance the look of your bathroom. Shower doors, in contrast, will keep your bathroom floor dry, but will also significantly elevate the look of your bathroom, as well as improving access to your shower and increasing privacy. There are many things to consider when purchasing shower doors in Union County NJ. Whether you are adding a new shower door or doing an upgrade to an existing shower, this article provides some guideline on what should be considered when choosing the right shower door.

There are many different types of shower designs. Examples include barrier-free showers (that provide wheelchair access), walk-in showers, showers made in a standalone stall design, and bathtub showers. A shower door will align with the type of shower design, so the type of shower doors that are available to you will depend on the type of shower design that you have.

In addition to the design of your shower, you need to make certain there is sufficient space in your bathroom to allow the shower door to open and close properly. The specific amount of space you have around your shower enclosure will also dictate the direction the shower door will open.

It is also very important to consider the length, depth, and height measurements of the opening of your shower. If the dimensions are the standard size, then a standard shower door should fit with no problems. If the dimensions are larger or wider, then it is possible an additional shower door panel will be necessary, or that a custom-designed shower door will be required.

A final basic consideration is to determine if you would prefer a framed shower door or a frameless shower door. A framed shower door is typically less expensive than a frameless shower door and has a sturdy frame around the glass. A frameless shower door does not require a frame to be constructed around the edges of the shower door glass.