Everything To Know About Orthodontist Team At Grinz Orthodontics

It is vital to remember that going to an orthodontist comes with numerous benefits to your overall health.

However, most people do not know about all treatment options and services they can get beforehand.

Remember that visiting an orthodontist is much more than aligning teeth for teens and tweens.

This particular field has reached momentum, and we can say that things have completely changed due to technological advancements compared with the past century.

Back in the day, the only options were brackets and metal wires, but today, we can differentiate other services.

You should check here to learn how braces can help you align your teeth with ease.

In the further article, we will explore different options you can choose when you reach an orthodontist.

Metal Braces

The first thing that most people think about when it comes to visiting an orthodontist includes metal braces placed on your teeth with an idea to align the entire jaw.

Generally, only a professional can take them off after a treatment that can last for a few years, depending on their problem. At the same time, you will have to go for a treatment in which the orthodontist will tighten the wires with an idea to shift your teeth.

If you wish to use this particular solution, you will need to avoid certain drinks and foods. Apart from that, you may have to wear them for years, depending on the problem you have.

Keep in mind that severe alignment issues require metal braces at first, which are most effective for dealing with your problem.


If you wish to choose a less invasive and visible solution, you can choose the Invisalign option instead. Generally, we are talking about transparent plastic aligners that you can remove with ease without professional help.

It is vital to remove them to eat correctly and brush your teeth without obstructions. It means that you will need to change aligners at least once in two weeks until you reach the proper alignment depending on your needs.

Remember that you can handle both complex and straightforward alignment issues with Invisalign, but they are much more expensive than metal braces.

Lingual Braces

When it comes to lingual braces, you should know that you attach them to the back of your teeth, which means that they are invisible to others that surround you.

They feature wires and brackets similarly to regular braces, but the positioning is much better due to the discretion that you will get.

Check out this link: https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/braces-and-retainers to learn everything about retainers and braces.

In case you have a deep overbite, you should avoid this particular type of braces because that can create significant pressureon brackets, and they may fall off with ease.

Simultaneously, they are more challenging to clean since they are not transparent and on the back of your teeth, which are problematic to reach, among other things.

At first, you will have speech issues because these braces will fit inside your teeth, so you will experience some speech difficulties until you get used to them.

Since your tongue will frequently hit them, you may end up with sores, which you should prevent.

Ceramic Braces

Similarly, as metal ones, but instead of using the metallic construction, the orthodontist will use ceramic ones that feature the same color as your teeth.

Generally, they are less transparent than other types, such as metal braces, but you need to conduct regular hygiene and watch out for things you consume because you can easily stain the ceramic along the way.

Retainers are Essential

If you have to undergo a particular orthodontic treatment, you will have to wear a retainer for a while, which will help you with the overall process.

Generally, the common thing that happens is that your braces will come off, which means that you should wear a retainer on the bottom or top for at least six months so that you can shift the teeth and hold them in space with ease.

In case you have a minor issue, you will have to wear a retainer without braces, which will help you deal with it.

Orthodontics for All Age Groups

Most people think that only teens should go to orthodontists in case they have specific alignment issues. However, you should know that everyone could benefit from this particular treatment. Even if you reach your seventies, you will get the proper treatment that will help you with ease.

The main idea is to have correctly treated gums and teeth to withstand the pressure of braces. Therefore, if you have alignment issues and have passed your teens, we recommend visiting an orthodontist to determine your specific course of action.

Different Surgical Options

You should know that this particular type of dentistry comes with other things than just braces. Therefore, you should know that orthodontics comes with surgical procedures to help you speed up the treatment.

Teeth-straightening surgery is the best solution for people with jaw misalignment, underbite, or overbite.

Of course, if you have a few crooked teeth, it is useless to conduct surgery because you will get the results using traditional braces instead.

Most surgical procedures require local anesthesia, and experts will try to reposition your bones and gums so that you can hold the teeth in place.

Even though it is a minor surgery, it is still invasive, which can lead to some complications, including infection, bleeding, and swelling.

Besides, you should know about orthographic surgery that will handle skeletal deformities with an idea to provide you a perfect alignment.

However, this particular type of surgery requires a maxillofacial or oral surgeon and wires and screws, which means that you should prepare yourself.

Accelerated Treatments

Finally, you can choose the latest FDA-approved options such as AcceleDent, a medical device that you can use in house settings to align your teeth and remodel your bone and jaws. You just have to visit Grinz Orthodontics and make an appointment beforehand.

This particular device uses SoftPulse technology to gently pressure the teeth, which is the same as braces. However, the positioning will happen much faster, and you need to use it for at least twenty minutes a day.

That way, you will be able to reduce the treatment length, which will help you get the most beautiful smile in a matter of months.