ADONIS Fertility International basis things

Surrogate motherhood is known in the whole world for the highest effectiveness of infertility treatment that really makes sense in the reproductology field. With the latest achievements of medical society, ADONIS Fertility International provides a variety of Surrogacy Programs that fall under the main requests of the patients – Safety, Professionalism and Affordability. 

If you want to know more about ADONIS Infertility treatment using Surrogacy, let’s clear out the essential aspects of each ADONIS basis. 


The first essential basis of ADONIS work is Safety. We ensure the highest level of precautions and diagnosis to be sure in your total health and safety of your procreation. 

ADONIS ‘own laboratory with the latest equipment inside helps you to undergo the whole list of examinations before the Infertility Program starts. The same thing is related to the Surrogates – ADONIS ‘own Surrogate base provides the best candidates for your comfort and confidence. 

ADONIS has its own embryo laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and corresponds to all worldwide standards. The ideal surrounding for the embryos is constantly maintained and controlled by real professionals.

ADONIS Fertility International is your highest safety level without problems and worries.  

ADONIS Professionalism

ADONIS rigorous selection of the specialists that work with the patients is our assurance of Professionalism. 

The ADONIS team of doctors is one of the most experienced and innovative teams in Ukraine (and probably in the whole world). Every stage of the treatment Program is controlled by the specialist to provide the highest level of support and individual approach. 

ADONIS distinctive features consist in the professional medical follow-up which is provided even after discharge. Every patient can apply for additional help or advice after the basic treatment Program ends. 

We are sure that total care and all round support are the main points that lead to successful results. That’s what we ensure in ADONIS, together with a professional team of doctors and other medical staff. 

ADONIS Affordability

Reasonable prices for the Infertility treatment Program are one of the main advantages of ADONIS Fertility International. 

Each Program is developed according to all standards, needs and affordable calculations. The Program framework is the best basis to select the individually adapted plan of treatment according to your health situation, case history and request. 

Cost of Surrogacy, IVF, ICSI procedure, etc. – we make all the possible efforts to satisfy you with the best level of low prices. 

The great performance of medical services is ensured in ADONIS.

We have mentioned the main basis aspects of ADONIS Fertility International of the abundance of advantages. If you want to know more, please, visit our website and contact our managers who are 24/7 in touch to provide the all essential information.

ADONIS Fertility International – Safety, Professionalism, Affordability. Waiting for the patients from the whole world to make them happy and healthy.