ADONIS Fertility International basis things

Surrogate motherhood is known in the whole world for the highest effectiveness of infertility treatment that really makes sense in the reproductology field. With the latest achievements of medical society, ADONIS Fertility International provides a variety of Surrogacy Programs that fall under the main requests of the patients – Safety, Professionalism and Affordability. 

If you want to know more about ADONIS Infertility treatment using Surrogacy, let’s clear out the essential aspects of each ADONIS basis. 


The first essential basis of ADONIS work is Safety. We ensure the highest level of precautions and diagnosis to be sure in your total health and safety of your procreation. 

ADONIS ‘own laboratory with the latest equipment inside helps you to undergo the whole list of examinations before the Infertility Program starts. The same thing is related to the Surrogates – ADONIS ‘own Surrogate base provides the best candidates for your comfort and …